Citta’ Aperta Exposed: Talking culture with Mary Wiens

Get to know Mary Wiens, Journalist and Producer, CBC Metro Morning,
and the Moderator of Salone di Cultura’s Citta’ Aperta panel 

The voice of award-winning journalist and producer Mary Wiens can be heard far from her home on CBC Radio One’s favoured morning show, Metro Morning. The celebrated journalist has covered stories ranging from transit issues to more emotive pieces on the absence of father figures. Her stories have garnered numerous accolades, including the international Gabriel Award for Metro Morning’s series, Stolen Children, about Canada’s residential school system. Her deep affection for Toronto and its vast global culture is expressed in her work as a community volunteer within Roncesvalles Renewed and RoncyWorks, and she has been recognized with a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal for local projects that help build civic engagement. On June 23, Mary will bring her knowledge and insight to the table as the Moderator of the Salone Di Cultura panel, Let’s talk about Our City, Our Culture, where questions covering a range of topics related to the Italian Canadian Diaspora will be covered in engaging detail. Check out some of Mary’s most renowned pieces below:

Fathering Change:  Strengthening the role of black fathers
Just In Time Jobs


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