Citta’ Aperta Exposed: News Now with Angela Pacienza

Get to know Panelist Angela Pacienza –  Executive Producer, the Globe and Mail

Angela Pacienza is an Executive Producer at the Global and Mail and the Canadian co-chair of the Online News Association. She is a multimedia journalist who specializes in video storytelling. At The Globe, Angela oversees a core team and collaborates with folks in every corner of the operation. The Globe has experimented with numerous formats including live broadcasts, a daily show, collaborations with filmmakers and more. She previously worked at The Canadian Press wire service where she held several positions including Director of Online News (where she launched its video department in 2006) and music reporter (where she launched its attempt at live blogging by spending 24 hours on a cross-Canada blitz with Nickelback).

Angela will be sharing her insight on local and international media, and its impact on contemporary Italian Canadian culture, at Citta’ Aperta on June 23 at the Bata Shoe Museum.

Follow Angela on Twitter: @AngelaPacienza


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