ESPRESSO MANIFESTO Presents Salone di Cultura




Espresso Manifesto Presents is proud to present the latest event in its acclaimed bi-monthly Salone di Cultura series: Arts Now. Espresso Manifesto Presents: Salone di Cultura are special evenings of music, art, food and discussion with contemporary Italian-Canadian artists, creators and thought leaders. The mission of Espresso Manifesto Presents: Salone di Cultura  is to raise the profile of contemporary Italian-Canadian culture in the 21st century

 Salone di Cultura: Arts Now, which will take place on Thursday June 12th, and is an official part of Italian Heritage Month, celebrates Italian-Canadian, cross-cultural and cross-generational artists through three different arts and special personalities:


  • the culinary brilliance of chef Massimo Bruno.
  • the music of Daniela Nardi’s Espresso Manifesto
  • the photographic works of visionary of Rino Noto 


The extraordinary Salone di Cultura: Arts Now event will open with a classic Italian aperitivo (a light, informal meal of food and drink) chef Massimo Bruno will prepare, inspired by the regional foods of Puglia and Calabria. This will be followed by a musical performance by Daniela Nardi and her Espresso Manifesto band. Topping the evening off will be award-winning, visionary photographer Rino Noto.


Audience involvement is integral to Espresso Manifesto Presents: Salone di Cultura. So, each presentation will be interactively moderated in a Q&A format by Maria Piacente,  V.P. of Exhibition and Events at Lord Cultural Resources.


As an official event in Italian Heritage Month, this edition of Espresso Manifesto PresentsSalone di Cultura shines a light on the integration of the Italian diaspora into the contemporary Canadian cultural landscape. Parents and grandparents left Italy, a cradle of ancient culture, for Canada, a young country. They brought with them diverse aspects of their homeland’s essence. Their artist offspring have used that essence as a springboard to enrich their art. Their expression, passion, identity and craft dig deeply, and speak loudly, in more than one language.


As Italian Heritage Month organizer Italian Heritage Canada says: “Canadians of Italian heritage are proud of their contributions and will continue their commitment to making Canada a rich and diverse cultural mosaic for the benefit of all its citizens.” To which Espresso Manifesto PresentsSalone di Cultura responds: Bravo!







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