Mary Wiens
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Citta’ Aperta Exposed: Talking culture with Mary Wiens

Get to know Mary Wiens, Journalist and Producer, CBC Metro Morning,
and the Moderator of Salone di Cultura’s Citta’ Aperta panel 

The voice of award-winning journalist and producer Mary Wiens can be heard far from her home on CBC Radio One’s favoured morning show, Metro Morning. The celebrated journalist has covered stories ranging from transit issues to more emotive pieces on the absence of father figures. Her stories have garnered numerous accolades, including the international Gabriel Award for Metro Morning’s series, Stolen Children, about Canada’s residential school system. Her deep affection for Toronto and its vast global culture is expressed in her work as a community volunteer within Roncesvalles Renewed and RoncyWorks, and she has been recognized with a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal for local projects that help build civic engagement. On June 23, Mary will bring her knowledge and insight to the table as the Moderator of the Salone Di Cultura panel, Let’s talk about Our City, Our Culture, where questions covering a range of topics related to the Italian Canadian Diaspora will be covered in engaging detail. Check out some of Mary’s most renowned pieces below:

Fathering Change:  Strengthening the role of black fathers
Just In Time Jobs

Angela Pacienza

Citta’ Aperta Exposed: News Now with Angela Pacienza

Get to know Panelist Angela Pacienza –  Executive Producer, the Globe and Mail

Angela Pacienza is an Executive Producer at the Global and Mail and the Canadian co-chair of the Online News Association. She is a multimedia journalist who specializes in video storytelling. At The Globe, Angela oversees a core team and collaborates with folks in every corner of the operation. The Globe has experimented with numerous formats including live broadcasts, a daily show, collaborations with filmmakers and more. She previously worked at The Canadian Press wire service where she held several positions including Director of Online News (where she launched its video department in 2006) and music reporter (where she launched its attempt at live blogging by spending 24 hours on a cross-Canada blitz with Nickelback).

Angela will be sharing her insight on local and international media, and its impact on contemporary Italian Canadian culture, at Citta’ Aperta on June 23 at the Bata Shoe Museum.

Follow Angela on Twitter: @AngelaPacienza

Valentino Assenza
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Citta’ Aperta Exposed: Valentino Assenza fuses Salone with Spoken Word

Get to know Valentino Assenza, Spoken Word Artist

Valentino Assenza has been a published poet and spoken word performer based in Toronto for nearly two decades. He was the organizer of Cryptic Chatter, a poetry series in east Toronto, and is currently on the board of directors for the Art Bar Poetry Series, Canada’s longest-running weekly poetry-only series.

Valentino has published four chapbooks of his poetry — Wandering Absence (2004) and Il Ritorno (2006) with Labour of Love Press; and Quiet Confessions of a Loudmouth (2008) and Make Our Peace with Rattlesnakes (2009) with Lyricalmyrical Press. He also has had a number of poems published in journals such as Descant Magazine and Labour of Love Poetry Magazine.

In his performance career, Valentino was a member of the Toronto Poetry Slam Team in 2009 and 2010, representing the city at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in Victoria and at the National Poetry Slam in Minneapolis. He was a feature at the Eden Mills and Words Aloud festivals, and has also participated in Nuit Blanche Toronto. Over the years, Valentino has also been a sought-after feature performer for poetry and spoken word series and events across the GTA and beyond.

Currently, he is an active member of the Toronto poetry community, both with spoken word artists and “page” poets, who has a well-earned reputation for providing energetic, dedicated leadership and service to organizations and artists at the local and regional levels.

Valentino will deliver his ideas through powerful spoken word and poetry, with Italian Canadian flair, at Salone Di Cultura’s Citta’ Aperta.

For more on Valentino, visit:

Mark Hayward, Professor of Communications Studies at York University

Citta’ Aperta Exposed: Interview with Mark Hayward

We chatted with Panelist Mark Hayward, Professor of Communications Studies at York University,
who will deliver his cultural insight to Salone di Cultura’s Citta’ Aperta.

Why the demise of OMNI Television? Is ethnic media still relevant, is it an enemy to itself, not evolving with the changing times, with the changing methods of receiving news? These are just some of the hot topics Mark will discuss at the event. Read about how he stays inspired below.

What drives the passion you possess for your work?

Most of my time is divided between teaching and archival research, so between things that are very old and people that are typically young. I like to think that my work helps put the two into conversation with each other.

How will you apply this passion to Salone di Cultura – Citta’ Aperta?

A lot of my research has quite a specialized audience, but I always like to think of my work as being part of a conversation. It’s my hope that the Salone will provide an opportunity to participate in a conversation with some new and interesting people.

Why is it important to preserve culture, especially in a city as diverse as Toronto?

I can answer this question in two ways: Preserving culture as part of our history is important because it’s important to retain some understanding of what it meant to live in Toronto in previous decades and centuries, especially as it is a city that in remaking its physical landscape at such a rapid speed. Second, ensuring that there is a place for culture (preserving space for culture to develop in future) is important because the value of cities always comes from the contributions it makes to culture. Cities are about a ways of living, and making sure that the ways of living that are allowed to flourish in Toronto are as diverse and rich as possible is an important part of making Toronto a livable place.

Who is an artist, creator or innovator that inspires you?

The musician Arthur Russell, because he made some excellent music across many genres, but more importantly for the way in which he was able to bring people together to create in unexpected ways.

For more on Mark Hayward, visit his website.

Julie Campagna
Salone di Cultura, SALONE NOW

Citta’ Aperta Exposed: Julie Campagna Crafts Culture

Get to know Sculptor Julie Campagna – Guest Artist at Salone Di Cultura’s Citta’ Aperta 

Julie Campagna lives in Toronto and has consistently exhibited her bronze sculptures throughout Canada and within her studio for the past 20 years. Along with her study of the human condition and her dedication to realizing her ideas in three-dimensions, the personal connection between artist and viewer has always been an integral part of Campagna’s life’s work. In an effort to combine her creative process, her bronze sculptures and the public, in 2001 she established CAMPAGNA Studio Gallery. Campagna teaches, exhibits and sculpts within this expressive space while at the same pursuing a presence outside of it. She attended York University’s Visual Arts program and is an honours graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design. Campagna’s sculptures are in private and corporate collections world wide.

The artist will be present with an exclusive showcase of her work at Salone Di Cultura’s Citta’ Aperta.

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Pina Petricone

Citta’ Aperta Exposed: Building Culture with Pina Petricone

Get to know Panelist Pina Petricone
Architect and Professor

Pina Petricone shares her time as Principal of Giannone Petricone Associates and as a Professor of Architecture at the University of Toronto. This dual role is a defining feature of the practice, enabling Pina to contribute intellectual rigor and research to the firm’s projects and processes, as well as to give real projects academic consideration. Pina’s creativity and love of design has led to some of the firm’s most remarkable projects including the award-winning Fresh Restaurant, the Centre for Ethics, at the University of Toronto, and Chester Le Daycare and Community Space, a new pilot project for the City of Toronto’s ‘priority neighbourhoods.’ Her current portfolio includes an exciting mixed income development in Phase II of the Regent Park Revitalization Project; two new house projects on the edges of Toronto’s unique ravines; a new retail concept for Cumbrae’s butchery on Toronto’s Queen Street; and, the resuscitation of the Royal Hotel in Ontario’s Prince Edward County. Pina has presented her work and research at several international conferences and symposia, including the IFWorld Conference at the Politecnico di Milano, the Banff sessions on Architecture in Banff, Alberta, the Tectonics: Making Meaning Conference at the Eindhoven Technical University, Netherlands, and recently at the Columbia University Think Tank on the Building Intelligence Project. Her work and research has been published widely in Canada, the U.S., Asia and Europe. In 2012 Pina celebrated the publication of her first book, Concrete Ideas: Material to Shape a City. Pina received her professional degree in architecture from the University of Toronto in 1991 and a Masters in Architecture from Princeton University in 1995.

Meet Pina at the Bata Shoe Museum on June 23, where she will discuss her contributions to Toronto’s modern architecture and will analyze the status of culture within the city.

Check out Pina’s work with Giannone Petricone Associates at:

Daniela Nardi’s Espresso Manifesto performing at Salone di Cultura. Photo by Greg King

What is Italian 2.0? Daniela Nardi explains in CucinaTO feature

Daniela Nardi sat down with Mark Cirillo, Editor of CucinaTO, to talk all things Salone di Cultura. The series’ founder and creative director was praised for her work to develop a vehicle for “Italian 2.0” – a generation of Canadians born to Italian immigrants. The Salone is a method of examining Italian Canadian culture today through mixed media including visual arts, music, cuisine and insightful cultural discussion.

“As an Italian 2.0 – someone who’s born here, to Italian parents – I felt there was nothing in this city speaking to my sensibilities,” she says. “We seemed to be stuck in nostalgia – what was, who we were – these freeze frames of images from when our parents came here.

“I wanted to create a vehicle for talking about what we’re doing now, and how we’re moving forward, showcasing the innovators, creators, and thought leaders of today.”

Read the full article at CucinaTO

Lina Allemano

Citta’ Aperta Exposed: Contemporary Compositions by Lina Allemano

Get to know Lina Allemano,
One of the many multifaceted artists at Citta’ Aperta 

Lina Allemano is a Canadian trumpeter, improviser and composer. Her work has been described as “adventurous, expressive, compelling, forward-thinking, inventive and sophisticated.” Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, now based in Toronto, Lina has an active international career, performing and recording innovative, contemporary sounds primarily in free-jazz/improvised/experimental/avant-garde settings. Her trumpet playing, compositions, and artistic vision have inspired her to lead two groups: LINA ALLEMANO FOUR and the improv collective, TITANIUM RIOT, in addition to being an active member of many creative groups. Lina appears on over 30 recordings, including five of her own critically acclaimed CDs with LINA ALLEMANO FOUR that feature original compositions. Since 2005, she has toured extensively with LINA ALLEMANO FOUR all across Europe, USA, and Canada and has performed multiple times at the prestigious Festival of New Trumpet Music (FONT) in New York City.  Lina recently undertook advanced trumpet studies in Berlin with Axel Dörner and in New York City with Laurie Frink.  She was featured as one of the top innovative trumpeters for the future in DownBeat Magazine (2007), was winner of the CBC Galaxie Rising Star Award (2005), and was nominated for National Jazz Awards Trumpeter of the Year and SOCAN Composer of the Year (2009).

Lina will bring her contemporary jazz, trumpet in hand, to Salone Di Cultura’s Citta’ Aperta as an exclusive musical guest.

For more on Lina, visit: