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Salone di Cultura: Lettura

at Massimo Bruno’s Kitchen Studio – 501 King Street East, Toronto ON 

Thursday October 16th, 2014 – 6:30 Doors Open | 7pm Event Begins

Tickets: $75 (includes cocktail style dinner + wine) –

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This October sees the kick off to a new Salone di Cultura series, with the launch of a fascinating exploration of the influence of a traditional skill. We are proud to present to you, “Embroidered Stories: Interpreting Women’s Domestic Needlework from the Italian Diaspora”

“Embroidered Stories” (University Press of Mississippi) is an interdisciplinary collection of creative work by authors of Italian origin and academic essays. The creative works from thirty-seven contributors include memoir, poetry and visual arts while the collection as a whole explores a multitude of experiences about and approaches to needlework and immigration from a transnational perspective, spanning the late nineteenth century to late twentieth century. This is the first book and anthology on needlework in the Italian diaspora and features a unique combination of creative works inspired by the material culture and the critical readings of the material culture.

At the centre of this book are the representations of Italian immigrant women’s domestic needlework. The book explores the many processes by which a simple object, or even the memory of that object, becomes something else through literary, visual, performative, ethnographic, or critical reimagining. While primarily concerned with representations and interpretations of needlework rather than the needlework itself—its origins, design patterns, and techniques—the editors and the contributors to Embroidered Stories remain mindful of its history and its associated cultural values, which Italian immigrants brought with them to the United States, Canada, Australia, and Argentina, and passed on to their descendants.

The presentation on October 16th will feature 6 writers from the anthology. These authors include: Edivige Giunta (editor), Louise DeSalvo, Joanna Clapps Herman, Maria Mazziotti Gillan and from Toronto Gianna Patriarca. As well, audience involvement is integral to the Salone di Cultura so, this particular event will be interactively moderated in a Q&A format by CBC’s Senior Producer/Broadcaster for Metro Morning, Ms Mary Wiens.

The culinary brilliance of chef Massimo Bruno will include a cocktail style dinner prepared and inspired by the regions discussed in the anthology “Embroidered Stories”

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More about the particpants for Salone di Cultura: Lettura:

Embroidered Stories –

CBC’s Ms. Mary Wiens —

Massimo Bruno -

Espresso Manifesto


WHAT: Salone di Cultura: Lettura presents “Embroidered Stories”

WHERE: Massimo Bruno’s Kitchen Studio – 507 King Street East, Toronto ON

WHEN: Thursday October 16th, 6:30pm Doors Open | 7:00pm Event Begins

TICKETS: $75.00 includes cocktail style dinner + dessert + wine and espresso


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Salone di Cultura

Maria Piacente, Our Moderator for June 12th

Our style usually for the Salon, is to have a panel discussion on the subject which is being presented that evening. This time, we are doing things up a little differently. With the help of Ms. Maria Piacente of Lord Cultural Resources, each artist will present their work and then Maria will interview and then lead a little Q&A with the artist and audience.


Who is Maria Piacente? One smart cookie and we are very grateful and lucky to have her as part of our Salone on June 12th…..take a gander below to know more about her….



As Vice President of Exhibitions, Maria specializes in interpretive planning, content development and project management for cultural projects of all sizes, ranging in scope from art to science to history. Maria has shared her expertise throughout North America, Western Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Her experience includes many different museum types such as archeology, history, culture, children’s museum, health, science, literature and corporate museums. Grounded in current museological theory, Maria’s global experience enables her to incorporate both conceptual and curatorial aspects with leading-edge technological applications, ensuring an exciting and enriching visitor experience within operational realities.


Maria holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Archaeology and Near Eastern History and a Master’s degree in Museum Studies, both from the University of Toronto. Prior to joining Lord Cultural Resources in 1997, Maria worked at the Royal Ontario Museum providing interpretive planning, research coordination, registration and script writing.


Maria’s interpretive plans and exhibit concepts are highly responsive to curatorial and collections concerns as well as the specific needs of diverse audiences. She works effectively with museum staff, architects, designers, engineers and multimedia experts to coordinate and plan all communicative elements of exhibitions. As an interpretive planner, Maria bridges the gap between ideas and the production of workable documents used for the fabrication and installation of exhibitions.


Maria is responsible for project management, overseeing fabrication and multimedia production as well as maintaining quality, schedule and budget. As an information manager, she organizes and manages curatorial information to ensure that the interpretive vision for the exhibition is accurately reflected. Her commitment to maintaining a high degree of authenticity and curatorial integrity provides the basis for excellence in exhibitions


Read more about Lord Cultural Resources at 


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Salone di Cultura

Viviana Laperchia Shares Why Salone di Cultura: Arts Now is Important

Viviana Laperchia, dear friend, colleague and on our Salone di Cultura committee is certainly a gal about town.

Passionate about Canadian media and culture, Viviana moved to Toronto in 2007 to research on the Italian-Canadian community, part of the European project CEMMENTI (Canada Exchanges with the Mediterranean: Migration Experiences and their impact on Nationalism, Trans-Nationalism, and Identity). Former Managing Editor of lifestyle magazine Panoram Italia and active supporter of her community, Viviana was recipient of the Ladies’ Auxiliary of CIBPA Jacky Rosati Award of Excellence in Arts and Culture in 2012.


Here’s what she has to say about our June 12th Salone di Cultura






Salone di Cultura

ESPRESSO MANIFESTO Presents Salone di Cultura




Espresso Manifesto Presents is proud to present the latest event in its acclaimed bi-monthly Salone di Cultura series: Arts Now. Espresso Manifesto Presents: Salone di Cultura are special evenings of music, art, food and discussion with contemporary Italian-Canadian artists, creators and thought leaders. The mission of Espresso Manifesto Presents: Salone di Cultura  is to raise the profile of contemporary Italian-Canadian culture in the 21st century

 Salone di Cultura: Arts Now, which will take place on Thursday June 12th, and is an official part of Italian Heritage Month, celebrates Italian-Canadian, cross-cultural and cross-generational artists through three different arts and special personalities:


  • the culinary brilliance of chef Massimo Bruno.
  • the music of Daniela Nardi’s Espresso Manifesto
  • the photographic works of visionary of Rino Noto 


The extraordinary Salone di Cultura: Arts Now event will open with a classic Italian aperitivo (a light, informal meal of food and drink) chef Massimo Bruno will prepare, inspired by the regional foods of Puglia and Calabria. This will be followed by a musical performance by Daniela Nardi and her Espresso Manifesto band. Topping the evening off will be award-winning, visionary photographer Rino Noto.


Audience involvement is integral to Espresso Manifesto Presents: Salone di Cultura. So, each presentation will be interactively moderated in a Q&A format by Maria Piacente,  V.P. of Exhibition and Events at Lord Cultural Resources.


As an official event in Italian Heritage Month, this edition of Espresso Manifesto PresentsSalone di Cultura shines a light on the integration of the Italian diaspora into the contemporary Canadian cultural landscape. Parents and grandparents left Italy, a cradle of ancient culture, for Canada, a young country. They brought with them diverse aspects of their homeland’s essence. Their artist offspring have used that essence as a springboard to enrich their art. Their expression, passion, identity and craft dig deeply, and speak loudly, in more than one language.


As Italian Heritage Month organizer Italian Heritage Canada says: “Canadians of Italian heritage are proud of their contributions and will continue their commitment to making Canada a rich and diverse cultural mosaic for the benefit of all its citizens.” To which Espresso Manifesto PresentsSalone di Cultura responds: Bravo!






ORA Festival

Speakers’ Circle: a “talk show” where everyone can participate

The Speakers Circle at ORA is based on the talk show format. We believe this very popular format, so appreciated by Italians, is the perfect match for our topics. We will have a 45 minutes-1 hour “dibattito”, where our guests will explain their points of view and then there will be some open space for questions and participation.

We will talk about culture, identity, community, and also about the ethnic media in Italian language: why the downfall? Our experts will give us their valuable ideas, but we welcome the contribution of everybody who has a relevant opinion.

Our goal? Raise questions and hopefully find some first answers that will help us of Italian heritage – still keeping in mind the work done so far – to create a new path for the future, for the new immigrants and the second, third and future generations to come.

ORA Festival

Speakers’ Circle @ ORA with Daniela Nardi

Daniela Nardi is an Italian-Canadian musician/composer/producer  and also the “other half” of the Espresso Manifesto Arts Collective (Daniela Sanzone being the other half – read about these two ladies in the Chi Siamo section).

La Nardi lives/works in Toronto. ORA speaks with her about her journey coming back to her Italianità.