Artist Profile: Gabriele Mirabassi – At the Altar of Music


Salone di Cultura 2016: Artist Profile – Gabriele Mirabassi

First, Nardi on Mirabassi:

Mirabassi and I met when I was in Umbria recording “The Songs of Paolo Conte”. Our dear friend (and great Italian Jazz pianist) Rita Marcotulli was very kind in calling up her friends in order to have them be part of the album. Mirabassi walks into the studio, sits down on his chair and starts to warm up and? We all stop. The tone, just from a warm up, was an indication to us that we were in the presence of someone who is on another wavelength.

Mirabassi is music. His heart, his soul, his entire being is channeled into his instrument. He speaks of what he does as his mission to get out of his way and allow the music to live through. From the way he connects to the instrument, the music, how the music moves through his body while performing – this is a man who is truly present, truly at the altar of music. And it is truly an experience to witness.

Born in Perugia, Italian clarinetist Gabriele Mirabassi is well versed in both modern classical music and jazz improvisation, having studied at Italy’s prestigiousMorlacchi Conservatory. In his early career he performed modern compositions under the direction of figures likeJohn Cage and Gunther Schuller and in 1992 cut thejazz-oriented recording Coloriage with accordionist Richard Galliano, which helped make a name forMirabassi on the European jazz scene. Now focusingsolely on jazz, Mirabassi has performed with pianistStefano Battaglia, his brother Giovanni Mirabassi, SergioAssad, Battista Lena, Riccardo Tesi, Luciano Biondi,Rabih Abou-Khalil, Holly Cole, and the Namaste Clarinet Quartet.







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