Citta’ Aperta Exposed: Interview with Mark Hayward

We chatted with Panelist Mark Hayward, Professor of Communications Studies at York University,
who will deliver his cultural insight to Salone di Cultura’s Citta’ Aperta.

Why the demise of OMNI Television? Is ethnic media still relevant, is it an enemy to itself, not evolving with the changing times, with the changing methods of receiving news? These are just some of the hot topics Mark will discuss at the event. Read about how he stays inspired below.

What drives the passion you possess for your work?

Most of my time is divided between teaching and archival research, so between things that are very old and people that are typically young. I like to think that my work helps put the two into conversation with each other.

How will you apply this passion to Salone di Cultura – Citta’ Aperta?

A lot of my research has quite a specialized audience, but I always like to think of my work as being part of a conversation. It’s my hope that the Salone will provide an opportunity to participate in a conversation with some new and interesting people.

Why is it important to preserve culture, especially in a city as diverse as Toronto?

I can answer this question in two ways: Preserving culture as part of our history is important because it’s important to retain some understanding of what it meant to live in Toronto in previous decades and centuries, especially as it is a city that in remaking its physical landscape at such a rapid speed. Second, ensuring that there is a place for culture (preserving space for culture to develop in future) is important because the value of cities always comes from the contributions it makes to culture. Cities are about a ways of living, and making sure that the ways of living that are allowed to flourish in Toronto are as diverse and rich as possible is an important part of making Toronto a livable place.

Who is an artist, creator or innovator that inspires you?

The musician Arthur Russell, because he made some excellent music across many genres, but more importantly for the way in which he was able to bring people together to create in unexpected ways.

For more on Mark Hayward, visit his website.


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