Citta’ Aperta Exposed: Julie Campagna Crafts Culture

Get to know Sculptor Julie Campagna – Guest Artist at Salone Di Cultura’s Citta’ Aperta 

Julie Campagna lives in Toronto and has consistently exhibited her bronze sculptures throughout Canada and within her studio for the past 20 years. Along with her study of the human condition and her dedication to realizing her ideas in three-dimensions, the personal connection between artist and viewer has always been an integral part of Campagna’s life’s work. In an effort to combine her creative process, her bronze sculptures and the public, in 2001 she established CAMPAGNA Studio Gallery. Campagna teaches, exhibits and sculpts within this expressive space while at the same pursuing a presence outside of it. She attended York University’s Visual Arts program and is an honours graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design. Campagna’s sculptures are in private and corporate collections world wide.

The artist will be present with an exclusive showcase of her work at Salone Di Cultura’s Citta’ Aperta.

For more on Julie, visit:


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