What is Italian 2.0? Daniela Nardi explains in CucinaTO feature

Daniela Nardi sat down with Mark Cirillo, Editor of CucinaTO, to talk all things Salone di Cultura. The series’ founder and creative director was praised for her work to develop a vehicle for “Italian 2.0” – a generation of Canadians born to Italian immigrants. The Salone is a method of examining Italian Canadian culture today through mixed media including visual arts, music, cuisine and insightful cultural discussion.

“As an Italian 2.0 – someone who’s born here, to Italian parents – I felt there was nothing in this city speaking to my sensibilities,” she says. “We seemed to be stuck in nostalgia – what was, who we were – these freeze frames of images from when our parents came here.

“I wanted to create a vehicle for talking about what we’re doing now, and how we’re moving forward, showcasing the innovators, creators, and thought leaders of today.”

Read the full article at CucinaTO


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