Citta’ Aperta Exposed: Cultura on Film with Cristiano de Florentiis

Get to know Cristiano de Florentiis, Artistic Director and Co-founder of the Italian Contemporary Film Festival

Cristiano is a professional journalist. He divides his work between Rome and Toronto. His passion for cinema emerged at an early age. At 14 he was already an official member of the jury at the Giffoni International Film Festival, the world’s foremost children’s film festival. Along with his interest in cinema, Cristiano has also long cultivated a love for television and journalism. For several years, he has been the Canadian correspondent for the Italian state television RAI. He has been tasked with promoting RAI broadcasts in Canada and strengthening relations with numerous prominent organizations within the Canadian broadcasting industry. As writer and director, Cristiano has produced numerous nature and social documentaries for RAI TV, such as The Dinosaur Cemetery, Father Goose, St. Jacob, When Time Stops, The Last Cowboys, Between Europe and the New World, The Voice of Little Italy and The Italians of the Last Frontier. In 2005, Italy’s President of the Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi conferred upon him the title of “Knight of the Italian Republic.” The honour was given in recognition of Cristiano’s commitment to the Italian community in Canada.

Cristiano will be at Salone Di Cultura’s Citta’ Aperta as a panelist, sharing his knowledge of Italian culture and film from a creative, media perspective. For more on Cristiano, visit


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