Citta’ Aperta Exposed: Get to know our founder and director, Daniela Nardi

Get to know Salone di Cultura’s Founder and Creative Director, Daniela Nardi in this candid conversation. The artist shares her perspective on creation, and the modus operandi behind her cultural work with the Salone’s latest event, Citta’ Aperta.

Name: Daniela Nardi

Occupation: Musician | Creative Entrepreneur

Her work is driven by passion and an innate gene
What partly drives me is this gene I seem to have inherited from my mother, the Creativity Gene. I just have to create. I have to put something in the world that says something, that brings some sort of meaning or helps to make sense of things. Perhaps in some regards Creativity is not a good business model, but for me it is a good spiritual, human model. That’s what drives my passion. It’s about connecting and aligning ourselves to something that is beyond our day to day, that aligns us with something much deeper and more profound and like I said, brings some sort of meaning to the day to day noisy lives that we lead.

Integral to every part of the process, Nardi is a multidisciplinary manager 
My role for the Salone is a multifaceted one. Not only did I create the Salone, but I am the artistic director, executive director and the artist (my band Espresso Manifesto will be performing that night). I am passionate about creating and sharing a night where people come together, sharing their skills, talents, thoughts, ideas and leave having had an experience.

Cultural preservation is a responsibility-driven action 
My thinking is that you can’t know where you are going unless you know where you have come from. You can’t deny the roots, the foundation to who you are and what makes you who you are. Whether we are conscious of it or not, that foundation does make up a part of our identity. Preserving culture is not just about knowing where we start from, but to not be stuck there. To use that, respect it and then move forward, contributing to the evolution of who we are and our culture.

Inspiration from “unadultured, focused” innovators drives the movement 
Many creators and innovators have inspired me in my career but at the moment I am inspired by some artists I met in Naples and Firenze – Anna Corcione and Peppe Voltarelli. These two are so dedicated to their works, their process, their creativity. Unadulterated. Focused. Clear about who they are, what they are doing and why they are doing it.

Connecting to the arts creates a positive experience
I hope to create an experience. I hope to have people thinking about what it means to be Italian, what it means to be in a city like Toronto, multicultural, multifacted. I hope to help people shut their minds off for a few hours and reconnect to beauty. That is something we don’t spend enough time, if any time, doing and that is the thing that makes us feel most human.

Perfection is part of the European makeup – and it’s worth the application
I only came to understand my work (if we ever do) recently when I was in Naples to record the latest album. I was unconscious of this motivation before but for me, my work is about beauty. When my husband pokes fun at me that I am a perfectionist, I make it clear to him that it isn’t about perfectionism – it’s the Italian need, or value you can say, for  beauty. We strive for excellence, until that very thing, be it a cup of espresso or a song, is truly in its beauty. When you are in that sweet zone, that is where the heart opens and you feel very present. That is what I strive for in my work. At times I achieve it, but I am always at the beginning of learning how to get there.

Catch Daniela Nardi and her sonic collective, Espresso Manifesto at Salone di Cultura – Citta’ Aperta on Tuesday, June 23 at the Bata Shoe Museum



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